We started our dog walking journey late 2017, over 1 year ago walking a brusel griffon but now we open our doors to all our potential furry friends. 
Whether you are on vacation, travelling for business, or it's just another day at the office, Petrunn will be there to feed, walk, play, and of course hug your pets. The bonus for you is absolute peace of mind knowing that your furry friends are receiving plenty of love and attention while you’re out.
For the love of dogs - we go an extra mile!


Petrunn Welcomes You With Open Paws

Rescue Puppy



If you don't get attention or affection from anyone, you'll always get them from dogs. Help them stay loyal by providing what they need to remain dogfit 




Dog walking 

Dog walking - let's help your furry friend stay healthy, boost confidence and bring out the fun side with a dose of daily walks or runs with a plan that's specifically designed to meet your dog’s size, health, and energy level. We see walk and runs as a whole lot of work but let's make it fun for your furry friend.


Dog sitting 

Not spending as much time as you’d like with your pet? Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s well-being. Give the care and attention they deserve. Petrunn offers a day of off leash, supervised dog daysitting. With highly dedicating our presence during daycare hours, and will ensure that your dog has a safe, social, and fun stay with us. This includes a short walk/run, outdoor playtime, treats. Basically just to care for them and also make them familiar with people if they ain't a people's person. Whether you’re traveling on vacation or just out for the day. I make sure your pets get plenty of fresh air and exercise in order to develop their physical fitness and social skills.


Dog bath

Dog wash - knowing your dog isn't water friendly when it comes to having it's bath and we know how stressful it can be. Well let's help relieve you of that stress by bathing your dog for you with extreme good bathing materials (dog shampoo, dettol with warm water and a clean towel). Leaving your dog clean and fresh, let's do the handy work for you.


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